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We have different online courses regarding Holy Quran

Qaida Reading

EQuran educator design this course specially for new peoples how don't know how to read Holy Quran or Arabic language.

Quran Narza With Tajweed

This course is for those students who already completed their Qaida reading lesson or Arabic language.

Quran Reading with translation

This course is for those students who have learn Holy Quran with translation.

Memorization Of Quran

Memorizing the Holy Quran simply means learning it save it in heart.

Memorization of Salah, Kalimahs.

The six Kalimas of Islam are basically six significant parts of muslim’s belief.

Memorization of Daily Duas, Sunnahs.

All basic Duas that are using in daily routine like before eating, after eating, befrore sleeping.

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Who We Are ?

EQuran Educator is one of the best leading Holy Quran website in the world because of it’s quality service to holders.We are not a part of any specific Islamic group, or mosque, so we welcome every single person who is interested to learn Arabic, Islamic studies and Holy Quran learning.

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Qari Tausaeef Ahmed has been teaching Quran online classes to my daughter for the last 5 years and I can surely recommend him for other kids/families for Quran classes. He is hardworking with great tajweed skills and makes sure kids understand how to pronounce Arabic words properly. A great teacher indeed

Zia Bukhari

Asalamoalakum my name is Nuha and I am a student from Touseef Bhai’s lessons and I have been taught really well by such a great and inspiring teacher. I have been taught the true meaning Quran and the real Quran and I hope when I grow up I will complete the Quran and restart it all again. I have been taught all the Quran I could ever learn, my family has met our great teacher Touseef Bhai in North Pakistan. I am so good at Quran and I think this is the easiest way and the best way to learn Quran.


Asalamoalakim, I am a student learning Quran from Touseef Bhai for a long time now, and I am so lucky to have someone so experienced to teach me something so special. At first, learning Quran seemed so complexed, but after I took about 6 lessons of Quran from Touseef Bhai, I could read a whole page of Quran and I was so happy! I feel so comfortable when I take lessons, and I think that any student who takes lessons from Touseef Bhai can agree! Touseef Bhai is so nice and and has so much patience for me, when I keep messing up, he will help me no matter what and I will always be happy! (like)


Asalamoalakum, my name is Aminah, and I have been a student of Touseef Bhai for 6 years. I started when I was really small, and I was not very good at it. But doing it everyday for many years, with Touseef bhai’s patience, kindness, and knowledge, has helped me to become the best I have been. I am really good now all thanks to Touseef Bhai. He teaches very well to kids all ages, and I feel happy when I do Arabic lessons, because I know that it is easy and fun. I do not live in Pakistan, and I live in America, so it was a little more harder to do something that I do not usually do. But with Touseef Bhai, it’s not hard at all. Again, he is very nice, and you will enjoy lessons with him very much! He is very close to our family in many reasons, and very patient when it comes to lessons. We have visited him in Islamabad and met his very kind family. I do Skype calls with Touseef Bhai since he lives in Pakistan and I live in America, but it does not affect me at all.


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